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These are some BAWA's members...
ray allard donald davidson lisa farrell michael gushue jan linley
frederick nunley carlos parada kelly perl
sue scheid kim schraf
willett thomas
dan vera vinnie wohlfarth christy zink

carlos parada
writes poetry in spanish and english. originally from el salvador, he has lived in the u.s. for over two-thirds of his life and still gets a kick when people ask him where he's from. brookland, where he has lived for the last fifteen years, often finds its way into the symbolism and imagery of the poems he writes. his poetry won a larry neal writers' award in 2005 from the dc commission on the arts and was one of the founders of the para eso es la palabra spanish language poetry series. his poetry often tackles social themes in dc, the u.s. and abroad.

christy zink
is on the faculty of the university writing program at the george washington university and teaches poetry and fiction workshops in the dc public high schools. her work has appeared in such publications as the american literary review, the gettysburg review, and so to speak: a feminist journal of language and art. she lives in a bungalow in brookland whose pipes are haunted and whose walls tell her secrets from their birth in 1916.

dan vera started bawa* in 2003 to create community among creatives in the Brookland area. He is the managing editor of the gay culture journal white crane, a member of the triangle artists group and dc poets against the war. along with fellow bawan, michael gushue, he's behind the poetry press vrzhu. his poetry has been featured on the national broadcast of pacifica peace watch, and in beltway, wesley lake, konch, the raddish, red wheelbarrow, and in the collections shaping sanctuary and dc poets against the war: an anthology. for more information on dan visit www.danvera.com

donald davidson
- visual artist - a long time brookland resident,
davidson spends a few months of his year painting in national parks
throughout the american southwest through the traveling artist wildflowers project.
for examples of his lovely watercolors visit his website.


frederick nunley - visual artist - washington, dc area resident for 30 or more years with a brief 11 year trip to new york city to study fine art at pratt institute in brooklyn. now living in brookland as a long term survivor of aids and working to create a new body of work as health permits. creative experiences include, figure drawing, printmaking; especially relief prints, bookbinding, embroidery & quilting, gardening, dancing; ballet to avant garde spinning and stomping. monday night male figure drawing group coordinator is currently my biggest commitment to the arts on a weekly basis. contact: frederick@bawadc.com or visit his website.


jan linley
is a writer whose intentions are good. oh lord, please don’t let her be misunderstood. (special thanks to santa esmeralda). She writes fiction and non-fiction. She is a recent columnist for dc north, writing their “meet your neighbor” column.
She contributed BARK! issue #1.

kelly perl
is a brookland photographer.
she specializes in industrial pastoral works.
she has exhibited her work at roxanne's artiques on 9th street.

kim schraf
is a brookland based actor who has performed at arena Stage, the kennedy center, studio theatre, round house theatre, woolly mammoth, everyman theatre, the theatre of the first amendment, and the edinburgh festival in scotland. she has been teaching for twenty years, most recently at the parkmont school. She is also a successful narrator of audio books, recording for the library of congress and other companies. she has read at various brookland poetry series events starting with an amazing reading of emily dickinson's work at one of our earliest readings.

lisa farrell
is an artist living in brookland. her paintings have been exhibited in provincetown and washington, dc. her work graced the pages of the second volume of bark!

michael gushue

michael's poems have appeared in various journals (beltway, indiana review, cream city review, redivider, american letters & commentary) and he has work forthcoming in third coast and the germ. his poem "the pellet with the poison is in the flagon with the dragon" was nominated for a pushcart prize in 2003. along with dan vera, he co-coordinates the brookland poetry series and he's the current poetry editor for the washington spark. along with fellow bawan,dan vera, he's behind the poetry press vrzhu.the brookland house he lives in with his wife and 5 children, 2 dogs, 1 rabbit, 1 cockatiel and unnumbered sugar ants celebrates its centennial this year.

raymond allard
is an artist, printmaker, writer and teacher living in brookland. he also designed and executed the covers for bark! and bark dos! ray is originally from minnesota and has dazzled listeners at the brookland poetry series with his recitation of garrison keillor's the finn who would not take a sauna. his statement from the original bark: if a person can be defined by the things he does, then ray allard is an artist, a writer, a poet, a cartoonist, a musician, and a teacher. If you look further into his work, you'll see he's also a rationalist, a secular humanist, a sensualist, an environmentalist, politically independent, and slightly looney. after that, more than that, you'll have to get to know him.

susan scheid
is a long-time brookland resident, poet, and community organizer.
she has published poetry in bark!, and the unrorean.
sue is a reader at the bawa-sponsored poetry readings.
she claims that writing helps her to maintain control over the voices in her head.

vinnie wohlfarth is a life-long brookland resident, community organizer and arts advocate. she studied with lawrence ferlinghetti at the provincetown fine arts workshop. she has read at the bawa sponsored poetry readings. she has remained a patron of the arts through her involvement in the brookland cdc.

willett thomas
is a freelance writer living and working in brookland.
she just finished her first novel in 2005 and is now writing short stories.
her work appeared in the second edition of bark!



These are sites of BAWA* guest poets & artists

kim roberts ~ poet

sandra beasley ~ poet

bawa* is a chaordic neighborhood-based arts group dedicated
to fostering creativity and expression in the beautiful brookland
neighborhood of northeast dc.

Our Arts Zine!Proto BAWAWhat have we done?!?!Other arts places in the area