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Sunday, February 9, 2003


We had our first meeting on Sunday, February 9th at Java Head.
What a great turnout! About ten folks showed up to talk about
their work and where they saw a group like BAWA* in the community.

There were artists and writers of every type: printmakers, novelists,
watercolorists, poets, journalists, painters in oil and acrylic.

The energy was very positive and supportive. We plan to meet on
a monthly basis. If you would like to receive a meeting announcement
send us an email. Good things are ahead!


May 27, 2003
"Brookland Writers Past & Present"
Brookland Visitors Center

Our first reading was held May 27th at the Brookland Visitors Center.
Michael Gushue and Dan Vera served as readers. Selections included later poems
by Sterling Brown, writings by Marjorie Keenan Rawlins and an excerpt
from Ralph Bunche's Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech.
Interspersed between these readings were contemporary selections
of poetry by BAWA members Michael Gushue and Dan Vera.

We had a small but very enthusiastic crowd. The spirit was behind
holding another reading in a month's time and spreading the word.

Thanks go out to Vinnie Wohlfarth for arranging use of
the center and Mary Kirst for helping set up the space for the reading.


June 26, 2003

"Brookland Writers Past & Present"
June 26, 2003 - Brookland Visitors Center

Our 2nd BAWA reading went very well. They keep getting better and better. We had a number of new readings by historic Brookland writers. Last night's writers included Sterling Brown, Ralph Bunche, Jean Kerr, & Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.
As in the first reading, we were struck with the timeliness of these selections. Michael read a piece by Sterling Brown on the inequality of DC that still rings true decades later as well as two stunning poems by Brown. He later read two very humorous Jean Kerr pieces about the realities of parenting and spousal differences that could easily be published today. I read an excerpt from Ralph Bunche's 1950 Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech that spoke about the illogic of "preventive wars" (how timely is that?) as well as the closing paragraphs of Marjorie Keenan Rawlings' book "Cross Creek" that spoke of property rights and the caretaking of land and earth.
Sharing contemporary Brookland writing were Michael Gushue, Raymond Allard and I. They were all poems ranging in topic from loss, to a wonderful play on "rose" (my Cuban mother would have appreciated the funny ending to that one Michael) as well as love and longing. It was wonderful to hear living poets read their work and moreso neighbors who have labored with word and prosody read their creations aloud.
There were eight of us at this reading. Thanks to the folks who braved the heat of the early evening to come and sit in the (well airconditioned) gallery and listen to poetry and writings from the past.
Many thanks to all the readers and Michael Gushue for researching the historical readings. Also thanks to Vinnie Wohlffarth for arranging use of the space and the Summer intern Candee for her gracious hosting last night.



Thursday, July 17, 2003

Brookland Writers Series Presents

"Brookland Writers Past & Present" #2
July 17th 2003 - Brookland Visitors Center

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Meet the BAWAns!Our Arts Zine!Poems we've read at readings....Proto BAWAOther arts places in the area