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Wednesday, January 9th

Rules Made & Broken
A Reading On the Theme
Michael Gushue - Kim Roberts
Sue Scheid - Dan Vera


Wednesday, February 13th

The Red Reading
We asked our audience at the January Reading for a theme for this reading.
Frederick Nunley, a BAWA* Visual artist suggested a reading around a color.
Red seemed to be the consensus.
What arose astounded us. And no, it wasn't Valentine's Day related.


Wednesday, March 12th

Lions & Lambs
Little lamb who made thee? & "The Lion for Real"
were just some of the interpretations
of this theme of supposed opposites.




Wednesday, April 9th


Poetry of Whimsy, Humor and Levity
(and these are not necessarily the same thing... )
An evening of great poetry in a humorous vein... maybe.

Wednesday, May 14th


Our first celebration of the poetry of our
National Poet Laureates was so much fun
we decided to do another!

This might just be habit forming!.


Wednesday, June 14th

Dog Days Reading 5

Our fifth time celebrating Canus Familiaris with
an evening of the best verse on our animal companions!.

Listen to some audio from this reading.
(Clips open in a new page).

Clip 1

"Choosing A Dog"
By William Stafford
Read by Dan Vera
"In The Doghouse"
By Ray Allard
Read by Ray Allard
"My Dog"
By Ian McMillan
Read by Michael Gushue

Clip 2:
"Yoko" by Thom Gunn
Read by Francisco Aragon

"Actaeon Actaeon"
By A.E. Stallings
Read by Michael Gushue

"Dog With Elizabethan Collar"
By David Hernandez
Read by Dan Vera





Wednesday, October 8th

Poems about getting even, payback, curse poems, and retribution.
This might sound a bit dark, but there's actually a pretty rich history of poets
"getting even," so to speak, through humorous "get the last word" poems.

You seriously don't want to miss this one.
You've been warned.

November 12th -

Wednesday, November 12th

Poet's Choice
A Freeform Selection
Of Poets and Subjects

Wednesday, December 10th

Third Annual

St. Lucie's Day
Solstice Reading

Darkness - Light - Difficult Days - Overcoming

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Meet the BAWAns!Our Arts Zine!Poems we've read at readings....Proto BAWAOther arts places in the area