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Wednesday, January 9th

What's New
Featuring poems from recent collections.
Michael Gushue - Sue Scheid - Dan Vera

Wednesday, February 11th

Reading Cancelled Due to Inclement Readers

Wednesday, March 11th

Name that Theme?

The answer escapes or eludes or hides inside the guts of the poems.
Like a serialized story only by watching and listening and paying
attention can the answer be found.

Please! Won't you help us find it?

Wednesday, April 8th


Now is the time when limbs unfold,
When all our trademark trees explode,
And crowds return in droves to gawk,
To choke both city street and walk,
So thick with tourists you can't get by 'em.
So let's, with poetry, enjoy this time,
Not all about flowers, not all about Spring.
A few poems will be (thankfully) on other things.

Wednesday, May 13th

Carnival & Festival Delights

Thursday, June 11th

Our 6th Annual
Dog Poetry Reading

Four Readers Read the Works of Various Poets Celebrating the Lives of Our Canine Companions.
Readers: Michael Gushue, Kim Roberts, Sue Scheid & Dan Vera

This year the Dog Poetry Reading was held at
Washington Animal Rescue League

Wednesday, July 8th

Ángel González, Jonathan Williams, E. A. Markham, Robert Fagles, Andrew Crozier, Aimé Césaire, Paula Gunn Allen, Eugenio Montejo, Tom Disch, Mahmoud Darwish, Reginald Shepherd, Hayden Carruth, Donald Finkel, Dorothy Porter, Adrian Mitchell, Harold Pinter, Inger Christensen, W. D. Snodgrass, John Updike, Kazys Bradunas, Don Maclennan, Bill Holm, James Purdy, Jane Mayhall, Deborah Digges, U. A. Fanthorpe, Craig Arnold, Robin Blaser, James Kirkup, Mario Benedetti, Kamala Das, David Bromige, & Harold Norse.

Wednesday, August 12th

Our Annual
A Reading Featuring Refreshing Selections of Poetry
and Delicious Iced and Herbal Teas!


Wednesday, September 9th

With Special Guest Kenny Carroll


Wednesday, October 14th

Wednesday, November 11th

Wednesday, December 9th


2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

Meet the BAWAns!Our Arts Zine!Poems we've read at readings....Proto BAWAOther arts places in the area