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The BAWA* Big List o'Poetry

We've had folks request titles and authors of the selected poems that are read at our free readings.
This is especially the case with our thematic readings (for example Dog Days [June], Sweater Poems [August], & Moon Poems [October]) when poems sort of come at the listener fast and furious. So, for those of you interested in revisiting the selected poems or exploring more of a particular poet's work, we offer the following listing from our readings. Unfortunately the exact listing of 2004 readings are unavailable, but we start this practice with 2005. Enjoy!

Note: Where ever possible we've included a link to the poem if its available on the web.

February | March

March 2, 2005

The No Show Poems
Well, we weren't planning on reading assorted poems but our invited poet --- Andrea Wyatt --- didn't show up.
No word from her about what happened. So we looked into our poetry bags and PDAs and found a few things to share.

Michael read:
The bird/of wire like a nest by Larry Eigner
Islands by Larry Eigner
L'Espagne en coplas
by Dominque Aubier and Manuel Tunon de Lara (translation by Larry Eigner)

Pelican by Carole Frost
And three of his own poems

Dan re
Forgetfulness by Billy Collins (link has an audio link of Collins reading the poem)
The Wolf's Postcript to 'Little Red Riding Hood' by Agha Shahid Ali
When we were born we remembered everything by Joy Harjo
Love Letter by Carole E. Gregory
The Consecration of Coffee Rafael Jesús González
Coffee In Heaven by John Agard
What He Said by the first century BC Tamil poem
Named by Stephen Dunn

February 2, 2005

The Thong Poems
Summer in February
Okay, so there weren't any poems about thongs in this reading.
This is of course a play off our August "Sweater Poems" reading about cold subjects.
Here are the poems that were read:

Read by Dan Vera:
"February: Thinking of
Flowers" by Jane Kenyon, from The Boat of Quiet Hours
"Summer Villanelle" by Wendy Cope
"Summer night" by Kobayashi Issa (Translated by Robert Hass)
"Heat waves shimmering" by Matsuo Basho (Translated by Robert Hass)
"Emancipation Proclamation" by William Heyen, from Pterodactyl Rose
"Global Economy" by William Heyen, from Pterodactyl Rose
"My Chili" by Alberto Rìos, from The Smallest Muscle in the Human Body
"An Extraordinary Adventure Which Happened To Me, Vladimir Mayakovsky, In A Summer Cottage
(Puskino, Mount Akula, Rumyantsev Cottage, 20 miles down the Yaroslav Railway)"
by Vladimir Mayakovsky (translated by Larry Fagin)
from Talking Poetics From Naropa Institute: Annals of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics Volume Two
"A True Account of Talking To The Sun At Fire Island" by Frank O'Hara

Read by Michael Gushue
"Heat" by Hilda Doolittle ("H.D.")
"Hot" by Craig Arnold from Shells
"Vindaloo in Merthyr Tydfil" by Les Murray
"Summer in Tahoe" by Robert Haas
"Summer" by John Clare

Read by Sue Scheid:
"Medusa" Patricia Smith
"i thank you god" e.e. cummings
"Inertia" by Jane Kenyon
"At the Summer Solstice" by Jane Kenyon


Meet the BAWAns!Our Arts Zine!What have we done?!?!?Proto BAWAOther arts places in the area

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